As I mentioned briefly in a previous post, I am learning some Brazilian choros with two other guitarists with the intent of performing them.  Each of us brings something completely different to the table, which is one of the things that I believe makes the project interesting.

Dave Miller was the one who first contacted me about this project.  Dave is a great all-around musician.  He plays guitar pretty well, keyboards, and is an excellent saxophonist and harmonica player.  Dave spent years as a  professional musician in Miami, where he played a great deal of Brazilian music, and is something of an expert in this area.  He has been introducing me to a whole new repertoire, and is at this point the driving force behind the project.

Dave Smith (yes, two guys named David) is an excellent jazz guitarist, and spent years in Nashville as a studio player.  He brings some great harmonic voicings, skillful improvising, and a great feel for filling in little counter melodies.

Finally I round out the team with a full bodied sound, a purity of technique, and musicianship based on my classical background.

Most of the repertoire is made up of straight ahead choros by composers such as Jacob do Bandolim, Pixinguinha, Ernesto Nazareth, Luiz Americano, and others.  But we have already begun to bring other influences into the mix – some Bossa Novas, Sambas, and even a few jazz tunes and classical pieces.

As soon as we have something on video I’ll make a point of posting it to my youtube channel, GuitarCentury.  In the meantime, stop by and see me play some of my favorite Spanish music, or watch my instructional videos and pick up a few tips.  Here is a link:

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  2. Hello Sir Robert! its so nice reading your blog posts and I have already followed you on YouTube! I am an aspiring guitarist and would love to learn more about it. I would love to learn more from you through your videos and blogs.

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